Onur Alp Yatir

Senior SME & EEN Expert
KOSGEB / EEN Istanbul

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 12:40 - 17:00
DescriptionKOSGEB is the National SME Development & Support Organisation. KOSGEB Istanbul Office is also Enterprise Europe Network Project Partner.
I will also be representing several Turkish companies who are eager to do business with Serbia and other Balkan countries.
Please see my Cooperation Profiles.
Organization Type Consultant, Other, Company
CityIstanbul, IMES Sanayi Sitesi C Blok 308. sok. No:46 Google map

Turkish CNC Machinery Manufacturing Company looking for distributors/sales agents

Turkish CNC Machinery manufacturer (USEL MAKINA LTD) is looking for dsitributors/sales agents for their:
- 3 axis/5 axis Water Jet Cutting Machine
- 5 axis bridge type CNC Milling Machine

Web site: www.usel.com.tr

Keywords: CNCMachineWater JetMilling
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution

Turkish Qualified Engineering Services Company offers Turnkey Production Plant Solutions

Despite the fact that it is a brand new company founded only at the beginning of 2015, “MCA Engineering Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.”, by following the latest technologies, gives service in order to supply the needs of several sectors both locally and abroad, such as engineering, machinery, molding and turnkey plant projects, with its dynamic staff experienced in engineering and international industry for almost 20 years.

By also following the emerging technologies in all stages of projects, such as design, production, quality control, commissioning and after-sales, our company performs the most comprehensive work in order to achieve the target of finding reliable, functional and economic solutions for its customers.

“MCA Engineering Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.”, which designs and produces machines, production lines and plants especially for the metal forming sector, by establishing solution partnerships with many branded domestic and foreign machinery and plant manufacturers, creates customer needs-oriented solutions.
“MCA Engineering Industry and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.”, with the technologic, solution-oriented and economic services, provides support for companies operating in a variety of sectors to increase their production quality and efficiency, to decrease their costs and expand their market shares.“MCA” takes as its fundamental principle, to respond the new needs, emerging each passing day, of the serviced sectors, by creating a long-lasting mutual trust partnership environment with its suppliers as well as the serviced companies.Some of the sectors in which we operate:
Metal and Machine Industry
Heavy Industry
Automotive Industry
Petrochemical and Chemical Industry
White Goods Industry
Food Industry

Website: http://www.mcaindustry.com/en

Keywords: turnkeyplantmanufacturingengineering
Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. Manufacturing agreement
  4. Other

Turkish ICT company offers innovative productivity and quality measurement system to factories

A Turkish company (ARGE BILISIM LTD) from ICT sector developed an innovative complete solution for productivity and
quality measurement of employees, products and whole manufacturing operation. This company has
made a good reputation in confection, automotive and furniture sectors and reached a good number
of clients in Turkey. Now they would like to extend their products and services to Eastern European factories. Commercial agreement with technical assistance type partnership is seeked
Advantages and Innovations:
The service and product package that the company provides to its clients is totally different from similar alternative MRP (manufacturing resource planning) softwares.
It is a based data collection (barcode, RFID, digital, analog), real-time processing, which was developed in a modern manufacturing resource planning system consisting of software and hardware and it is supported by an ongoing industrial engineering consultancy for better application.
Process planning(worksheet preparing) can be done easily.
Contributes to the price list with the cost of labour.
Productivity, quality measurement and tracking are done by using the optimum number of
Measuring the productivity in real time.
Sources of unproductiveness can be seen at the right time.
Facilitates timely response to the source of inefficiency raising productivity in this way.
Measuring the quality in real time.
Poor quality sources can be seen on time.
Facilitates timely response to the source of poor quality raising it in this way .
Allowing competition by the rase of the efficiency and the quality.
By using human psychology, it ensures the increase of the efficiency and the quality .
Implementation of the bonus system which is based on efficiency and quality.
Promoting efficiency and quality by bonus system.
Without requiring any other data except barcodes which are needed for efficiency ,traceability
input and output quantities for order in real time.

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner client should be manufacturing company especially in confection, textile, automotive
spare parts, furniture and food industries. The client with a complex manufacturing operations (products with many sub manufacturing and assembly stages) will benefit most from the company's services and products.

Web site: http://argebilisim.com/en/

Keywords: efficiencytextileautomotivefurnituresoftwareMRPresourceplanning
Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. Sales / Distribution
  3. Other

Turkish machine tools (carbide end mill, drill, reamer, taps) manufacturer seeking distributor

Toolex has been producing carbide end mill, drill, reamer and taps since 2004.
Being leader in Turkey, Toolex has been actively exporting to Europe, Far East and Middle East.

Toolex is a primer supplier for major industrials which are in the leader position in Turkey. Having been continuously increased the investment and production capacity, our company has been enlarging distribution network.

• Our company has TÜV CERT EN ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate.

• Some of our staffs trained in Switzerland.

• Our target is to success fast and well qualified progression.

• Our primer aim is to ensure fast and confident solution to our customer

Tollex is looking for distributors for its products in West Balkans Region.

Web site: http://www.toolex.com.tr

Keywords: millingend milltoolmetalreamerdrilling
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Manufacturing agreement

Innovative Bee Products Manufacturer is looking for distributors

Company History:
Our company was founded in May 2013, by Prof. Dr.Dilek Boyacıoğlu, an expert in the manufacturing of food products and Aslı Elif Tanuğur who has many years of experience in quality control, R&D, project development and execution areas in the bee products industry as well as hands-on sector experience in this industry. With his many years of experience in the bee products industry and the projects he realized, our team member Taylan Samanci, an agricultural engineer, is a renowned expert in his field, who also manages the company’s production functions based on the “Contracted Bee Products Manufacturing Model”.

Our company was founded as Part of KOSGEB in ITU Maslak campus with the R&D project titled “Categorization of Propolis Based on its Sensory, Biological and Chemical Properties and Development of Processing Methods To Make Propolis Suitable for Human Consumption” and continues to carry out activities and functions related to this project as well. The purpose of the project is to develop special processes unique to propolis production in order to make it suitable for human consumption. A contracted production model was developed that allows Beekeepers and Beekeepers’ Associations to produce propolis under controlled conditions on behalf of our company. With this model, we plan to carry out production activities in different regions with vegetation appropriate for propolis at the trial level. Propolis obtained will be categorized based on its biological, sensory and chemical properties to determine processing techniques that are capable of preserving its biological activity and properties at the maximum level and resulting in a product that is suitable for human consumption. Another benefit of the project is that it will allow us to determine the technical specifications of the propolis that is unique to our country.

Please visit: https://www.bee-and-you.com/ & http://www.sbs-turkey.com

Keywords: beehoneypropolisroyal jellypollen
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution

Looking for distributors/sales agents for fire & burglar alarms

EDS ELECTRONICS LTD. CO. (www.eds.com.tr/) is looking for distributors/wholesalers and/or Alarm Monitoring Station companies for their fire & burglar alarm products from countries Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Keywords: alarmfireintrusionelectronics
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution

Polyurethane & Polyurea Insulation chemicals manufacturer looking for distributor (DUAYEN YAPI A.Ş.)

Turkish Polyurethane & Polyurea Insulation chemicals manufacturer looking for distributor

web site: www.duayen.com.tr

Keywords: polyureapolyurethanechemicalconstruction
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution