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Agency for development of small and medium enterpr

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 12:40 - 17:00
DescriptionAgency for development of small and medium enterprises of City of Trebinje is public institution established by former Trebinje Municipality in 2006. The organizational structure of the „Agency“ comprises Steering Board, Supervisory Board and Director who is entitled to represent the „Agency“. At the moment, „Agency“ has 11 employees working in the areas of economy, legal and administrative issues, developments and implementation of the projects, strategic planning and logistics. All employees are involved in implementation of projects and regular research and data collection activities according to their abilities and availabilities. Main activity of the „Agency“ is supporting and boosting entrepreneurship in Trebinje and surrounding region of eastern Herzegovina, encouraging development initiatives and projects including support to new and existing entrepreneurs as well as creating and implementing development projects in different corresponding areas. SME Agency Trebinje is an organization experienced in implementing developmental projects having functional partnerships and good cooperation with local authorities and institutions, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders such as CSOs, local and regional institutions, especially in eastern Herzegovina. An organization has capacity for smooth realization of projects in accordance with required procedures as well as for reporting, and is capable to manage and monitor various projects, organize and perform different events and promotional activities, carry out various researches and analysis, provide support to business plans development and expert support in the areas of economy, economic legislation, project management etc.
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